We have a long history of creating physical and geometric software models of complex systems and situations. These extend from Formula One suspension kinematics to high energy internal ballistics. Some examples of our work are described below:

F1 Suspension

Mathshop's kinematics software maps the suspension motion and forces as the wheels move relative to the chassis.

With its workflow-oriented user interface, it enables designers to quickly evaluate the characteristics of varied geometries.

Internal Ballistics

Modelling the rapid sequence of a ballistics launch presents many challenges, and is vital to obtaining the high performance demanded of modern munitions.

Mathshop's recently developed internal ballistics software guides the designer through the many input parameters, and produces comprehensive graphical results in seconds.

LPG Offtake

Our thermal and geometric modelling capabilities enabled us to produce a detailed model of LPG offtake from above- and below-ground tanks.

The cooling induced by offtake limits delivery performance, and software modelling this effect enables tank designs to be quickly optimised.